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 Quigley's Twisted Mono Leaders 



Quality Fly Fishing Leaders since 1999


Thousands sold and used all around the world.


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John Quigley   -   Maker






The time has come for me to spend more time fishing and less time making leaders.  In order to lighten the workload, I will be discontinuing my website.  

If you would like to purchase furled leaders in the future, please contact me directly by email or phone.  My email address is listed on the leader package and a business card is enclosed with each order.  Please save my contact info for future use as this site will close in June, 2022.

Thank you for your business and especially for the many friendships made over the last 22 years Quigley's Furled Leaders has been operating.  These friendships have ranged from anglers just starting fly fishing to the late, great Lefty Kreh.  It has been quite a ride and lots of fun.

Wishing you continued good fishing,

John Quigley 


Cell:  415-272-4541 

Email: Quigs@usa.net 
















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