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Large Mouth Bass to Tarpon and Sailfish ... A Fly Fishing Leader with a twist ...

Based on Leo's Twisted Leader System ... A special thanks to Leo Gutterres!

These "Big Game" Twisted Leaders have many applications for the saltwater fly fisher as well as for heavy duty freshwater use.   Main advantages:

  • Extremely good turnover ... handles really large flies.
  • Shock absorbing qualities of helical twist construction ... lose fewer fish!
  • Strong and Durable ... the best choice for hard fighting fish in tough conditions.

This is a heavy-duty, specialized leader that is excellent for certain applications.  Ideal for tarpon (babies to the big ones), peacock bass, stripers, redfish, snook, northern pike, large mouth bass, and many other species that demand a tough, great casting, shock absorbing leader.  Even sailfish have been landed with this twisted leader.

The small fly in the photo to the right is a 3/0 Deceiver 5" in length.  The larger flies are 8 - 9" long tied by Charlie Bisharat.  It takes a Twisted Leader to turn these babies over!

Casts like a furled leader, but unlike furled leaders that are made with lightweight 2#, 4#, or 6# mono, these twisted leaders are constructed with heavier mono (20# test for most uses) resulting in a much stronger and more durable 'Big Game' leader.

Twisted leaders are inexpensive in the long run.  For all but the largest and fastest species, these leaders last a long time with just tippet changes. Compare that to the longevity of a regular mono leader - no contest!  Use sensibly ... inspect and replace after considerable use or catching large fish.  If it shows wear, change it!

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The Shorb Loop version offers easy loop-to-loop tippet connection.  Tippets may be easily and quickly changed many times.  

TWISTED LEADER  -  20# Test Mono - Tippet w/ SHORB  Loop

$14.95 each          Lengths available ... 4', 5', or 6' (without tippet)   


~ ~ ~


Swivel version ... ideal for topwater use ... a very small, but strong 50# test Power Swivel.  Just tie your tippet to the swivel.  Tippet changes are quick and easy.  No possibility of damaging twisted leader tippet loop.  This Swivel version has been found to be far superior to a tippet ring.  Note: the 35#  swivel and the tippet ring are no longer available.  The 50# Swivel is superior to both!

TWISTED LEADER  -  20# Test Mono - with Tiny 50# Power Swivel    

$14.95 each        Lengths available ... 4', 5', or 6' (without tippet) 


~ ~ ~


The Standard Tippet Loop version is used when attaching heavy tippets with the No Name Knot. This is a specialized version used primarily for tarpon ... babies to large tarpon.  Subsequent tippet changes are done with a three-times-through Surgeon's Knot.


TWISTED LEADER  -  20# Test Mono - Std. Tippet Loop

$14.75 each          Lengths available ... 4', 5', or 6' (without tippet)   



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 'Big Game' Twisted Leaders are constructed with a 3 Step Taper.  The long butt section is 4 strands of mono twisted together.  Middle section is 3 twisted strands and the tippet section is 2 twisted strands.  There are two knots in the leader which are necessary in it's construction.  Breaking tests with various tippets have been performed hundreds of times without a knot failure in the twisted leader itself.   These Twisted Leaders are STRONG!

Twisted Leaders have a butt loop woven into the leader.  The Twisted Leader with the Standard Tippet Loop has a very small  loop.  This standard version is often used with heavier tippets attached with a No Name Knot.  Commonly used for tarpon.  A small, streamlined loop-to-loop connection can be made with the standard leader. A tapered tool like the one shown below is useful when replacing tippets after fighting a fish as the small loop can become even smaller.

The Shorb Loop version is ideal for easily attaching tippets with a loop-to-loop connection.  Repeated tippet changes are quick and simple.  The woven loop is very strong as you have two strands of 20# test around the entire loop.  Widely used for stripers, black bass, and many other species that only require a simple tippet of say 15# or 20# mono.  Quick loop-to-loop, tie on a fly and you're fishing.  

The  Tippet Swivel version offers easy tippet changes.  Connection will be as strong as the knot you use.  The 50# Power Swivel is premium quality and strong.  Very small, the barrel of the larger 50# is only 1/8" long.  The entire 50# swivel is only 3/8" in length.




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