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Colors Top to Bottom ~ Pale Yellow, Light Olive, Rusty Dun, Gray, Tan


Quality Furled Leaders Since 1999  -  Many Thousands Sold!


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These Furled Leaders, made of Uni-Thread,  have a woven butt loop and there are two choices for the tippet end.  A Shorb Loop (a small BB-size tippet loop) or a Tippet Ring.  Strictly a matter of personal preferance ... The tippet ring version is most popular.

  • The Shorb Loop is small loop woven into the tippet end of the furled leader to which you attach your tippet with a very small loop-to-loop connection.  
  • The Tippet Ring allows you to tie your tippet to a tiny, lightweight metal ring with the same knot you tie your fly on with.


Furled leaders are inexpensive in the long run.  Many customers report a single furled leader lasting an entire fishing season (or two!) with just tippet changes. Compare that to the longevity of a regular tapered mono leader - no contest! 


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Uni-Thread Furled Leaders:
Size -- 2/3/4 OR 5/6 … 2 sizes available to match your fly line.
Color -- Pale yellow, (most popular), Light Olive, Gray, or Rusty Dun.

Length -- 4', 5 1/2' or 7' (Furled leader length plus you will add 2’ - 5‘ of mono tippet material) 
~~ The 5 ½ foot leaders are the most popular by far ...  perfect for small and medium sized streams. 
~~  4' length is primarily for short, light rods fishing creeks and small streams. 
~~  7' length for spring creeks and stillwater use. 
Tested strength of both 2/3/4 and 5/6 wt. furled leaders is 6-7#.  
(If you need a slightly heavier leader, look down the page at the "Big Trout" leaders.  They test 10 to 11#)
Note:  You may change Order Quantities when VIEWING CART.

2/3/4   Weight Furled Leader      $11.95


Tippet End:


5/6  Weight Furled Leader      $11.95


Tippet End

  "BIG TROUT"  Furled Leader       $12.95

Our newest Uni-Thread Furled Leader designed for large trout in Western lakes and rivers (or anywhere else!).  Just slightly heavier construction with a breaking strength of 11#.  

Balances well with 5, 6 and 7 weight lines and will handle larger flies if they are needed.  The shorter 5 1/2' Big Trout furled leader is Ideal for fishing larger streamers, bass bugs and the Hex hatch!  ... Yet these leaders will also work well when fishing tiny flies for large trout ... just use a longer tippet.

Tippet End


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  (NOTE:  For saltwater use (& heavy freshwater) , check out these twisted leaders made with heavy mono ...  Click Here  for the TWISTED LEADER Order Page )


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Recommended PASTE FLOATANT for all furled leaders … Loon Payette Paste Floatant, Otter Butter or Mucilin. Place a patch of cloth in the container and it only takes seconds to apply before the first cast of the day.  One application usually lasts for 4-5 hours of fishing.  Reapply if needed.
Questions, special requests, or to place an order … please e-mail: Quigs@usa.net  
Or call (415)-272-4541
Customer Feedback ~~~


Thanks for your email.  I am familiar with your leaders having used them for the last 8 or 9 years with excellent results.  I am sorry that I am such a sporadic customer, but you have quite simply failed to create poor quality leaders.  These things just last for ever!   I’ve only ordered new ones to give to friends as the original ones you sold me several years ago are still as good as the day I got them and they have had plenty of action.


Congratulations on such an exceptional product.  If there was only a way you could create a mayfly with the same kind of lifespan you would put all the fly tiers out of business!

I live in the South of England, so most of my fly fishing is on the River Test (the home of fly fishing).  The waters are all chalkstreams fed by aquifers and are gin clear.  You get such a gentle turnover with the furled leader that you feel like a waiter at a high class restaurant discreetly presenting food to your customers with minimal disturbance.  The fish are never bothered by this bit of “string” on the water which surprises me as it is so visible. Pulling the leader through a cloth dabbed in mucilin keeps the leader on top all day.  You don’t need to re apply even if you’ve had a good fish pulling you around the river for 20 minutes.

At first my fishing buddies all had this weird smirk on their faces when they saw the end of my fly line. When I explained to them that this was a much more authentic leader than modern monofilaments they were kind of sheepish but still looking somewhat superior with their more modern mono.  It didn’t take long for their jeers to turn to open mouthed looks of surprise and envy.  I’ve resisted telling them where I got the furled leaders from as they are definitely advantageous.  However in the interests of fair play and decency, I’ve relented, so you may very well now hear from them too.

Thanks again for making such a positive difference to my fishing.  You have saved me hours of making up and tying on long mono leaders.  The order of furled leaders arrived quickly and are now staring at me longingly with that “get us wet” look!   I’ll probably be in touch in another 3 or 4 years.  That’s the problem with making such a high quality product, you need a huge customer base because the leaders last so long!

Kind regards,




Hi John,
I want to thank you for the fine job you continue to do on your furled leaders, I have Furled leaders that you made for me four years ago, that I am still using today.  I have been flyfishing for over 40 years and have never found a better furled leader than yours. I've paid less for some leaders and more for others , but I have never found one to match the quality of yours. Fisherman that use mono furled leaders, will never go back, once they try yours. Make my next three leaders, Pale Yellow, 5 1/2 ft., and size 2/3/4. Thanks once more.    John H.


Your leaders were recommended to me by a fishing buddy who swears by them. I just started using the Uni-Thread furled leaders this spring and could slap myself for not trying them sooner.  I fish mainly dry flies on both very small water (mountain creeks) as well as larger tailwaters. 


John, Your leaders are the best. I have landed hundreds of trout with yours leaders ... both with dry flies and nymphs. I use the pale yellow to act as a strike indicator with the use of nymphs.  Keep up the great work.     
 Easily the best furled leaders available on the market today!
 I have bought these leaders from you before and they are great.  I just got back from a trip myself and the two guys I was with didn’t have them.  I put them on for them and they are now both converts.  It is the best system and leader out there. 
Was very pleased with your leaders last year under my typical trout fishing conditions (small, rocky, mountain streams using 5 1/2 - 6 1/2' fly rods with very little line out on the majority of casts). Found I could turn over a long leader (using your furled leader as a butt section) which I cannot do with regular mono leaders. I also was very pleased with the way they stood up to the hemlock and beech branches, that are always in play even with a short rod, as I was concerned as to their durability. I certainly didn't need to be as they lasted the entire season.


I fished with your leaders this morning and loved them.  I used the Quigley 5.5 ft leaders with a 3wt line,  7X tippet, and size 18 to 22 flies. I was greatly impressed with the consistent turnover and delicate presentation that your leaders facilitated. It was magic, even in a few big gusts.

Thanks so much,





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