Quigley's Twisted and Furled Leaders
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Quigley's Furled Leaders




 Quigley's Twisted Mono Leaders 



Important Note:

I will be on vacation the last 10 days of August.  OK to place orders, but items purchased after August 19th will be shipped on August 30th.  

Thanks,  John 



Quality Fly Fishing Leaders since 1999


Thousands sold and used all around the world.


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John Quigley   -   Maker






Primarily for trout - these are the ultimate dry fly tapered leaders.  Available with Tippet Ring or Shorb Loop.


Click Here ... for the FURLED LEADER Order Page ... (Uni-Thread or Silk)

Check out our newest "Big Trout" Furled Leader.  Slightly heavier leader testing 10# for use with 5, 6 & 7 wt., lines.




Large Mouth Bass to Tarpon and Sailfish - Brute strength, shock-absorption, and great turnover that handles large flies  ...  and large fish!


Click Here ... for the 'BIG GAME' TWISTED MONO LEADER Order Page




Please see the "Info" pages on each type of leader for in-depth information, uses, helpful hints, and rigging suggestions.


















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