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Made with Gudebrod 50# Braided Mono



Double-Catch Braided Mono Loops ~ 50# test loop


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I have constructed and used these braided loops for more than 20 years primarily for saltwater fishing, but also salmon, steelhead, stripers, LM Bass, etc.  These loops are made with Gudebrod 50# test braided mono.  Properly constructed and properly attached DOUBLE-CATCH braided loops like these simply will not fail!  Much stronger and more reliable than the common single catch braided loops, with the heat shrink tubing, you see in fly shops.  I install these double-catch loops on all my saltwater lines (both front and back).  In fact, all my lines 7 wt. and larger have these loops.  Makes it quick and easy to change lines on reels as needed for various types of fishing.

Many uses for these braided loop connectors:

  • Install a permanent loop on the front and/or back of your fly lines.  
  • Build your own shooting heads with loops at each end. 
  • Make mini sink tips with short lengths of fast sinking line.  Loop these between your floating line and your leader for quick and versatile sink tip setup.
  • Create custom spey lines.  You may specify any size loop to suit your purpose.

Dan Blanton, noted saltwater fly fishing outdoor writer, an early proponent of braided mono loops, had this to say in his article Getting Looped:

"There are a couple of ways to make a loop in braided mono. There is what we call a single-catch loop and a double-catch loop. Trust me, use only the double-catch loop. It will not slip. Single catch loops frequently fail."  and  "Made properly they will slip through the guides like ladyfish slime, will hold the largest tarpon or billfish, and will make connecting fly lines to backing, shooting heads to shooting line and leader butts to fly lines easier and more efficient than ever before."


 You will receive:

  • Double-Catch 50# test Braided Loops (about 10" overall length)
  • A coil of abrasion resistant 10# test mono to use for nail knots.
  • Simple directions.  
  • Your choice of loop sizes ... saltwater loops (about 1" when stretched out) ... or smaller loops about ½”. 

  •  I also make a LARGE braided loop ... one with a 6" long loop. I use these on the front of the running line on shooting head systems. This permits quick changes of shooting heads as a coiled shooting head can be passed through the larger loop. 

 Here are the directions you will be following:

  1. Insert flyline and "inchworm" braid onto flyline until it enters inner braid by 1/4".  
  2. Tie a 10-turn Nail Knot, using 8 - 12# mono, over braid just above braid/flyline joint.   
  3. Trim frayed ends of braid close to the nail knot.
  4. (Optional)  Apply Loon Knot Sense (my preference) or PlioBond to nail knot and to 1/4" of braid at the point where the fly line ends inside the braid.


Important Note The Gudebrod factory is now closed. 

I was able to purchase a number of spools (at a very high price!) before the supply was exhausted.  Once this is gone, the only available braided mono is Cortland's.  I much prefer the Gudebrod and will save the last spool for my own use.  Stock up now and store the unused loops in a dark place.  They should last indefinitely.



A link to a very informative article on the advantages of using braided mono loops on shooting head systems:

One 10-turn Nail Knot is recommended.  The Nail Knot forms an “anchor point” and the braided mono then grips the entire length of the fly line inserted into the mono.  It is this “Chinese Finger Cuff” principle that makes these braided loop connections so strong.  I have seen some anglers add a second nail knot several inches away from the first.  They think this is stronger, but it is not … because they are defeating the cuff principle.  If you are not uniformly gripping 4 or more inches of fly line, you run the risk of separating the coating of the fly line from it’s core and having a failure.  There is one time you can use two knots.  If you have a hard time making a 10 turn Nail Knot form correctly, you can do two 5 turn Nail Knots right next to each other.  This is just as strong.


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